Dr. James Pacheco, DDS

“Growing up in a family where oral care was neglected, I knew that by going into dentistry I could make a difference for other families.

My mother and father were both in full dentures by the time I was in middle school. I specifically remember a time wrestling with my dad when an accidental head-butt turned into him losing multiple teeth.

I found my way into dentistry later in life, once I had tried just about every other profession there is. My first dental assisting job had taken off and I had no idea that it would lead me to where I am today. From the moment I started in dentistry, I knew I had found my path.

One of the biggest joys I get daily is being able to be myself around the staff and patients. I love seeing patients smile and laugh, and love to watch their worries and anxiety melt away. Whether I have a patient sing their favorite songs in the chair, have a patient smile that hasn’t smiled in a decade, or even help someone who’s afraid… I love every moment that I get to spend with our incredible patients.

One thing that we pride ourselves on is the care we give. Whether that is physical care in helping reconstruct a smile, or emotional care in the relief of pain or anxiety, we truly care about everyone who we see in our office.

My goal is to have our patients feel that level of care and trust enough to continue to make changes in their lives — changes that will affect not only them but their families and loved ones as well. I know firsthand the importance of good oral health. I also know of the fears that patients have about dentistry, and any way I can help remove barriers for patients, I will. My own parents faced many of these same barriers and I saw how it directly affected their lives, which is what I hope to change for other families.

DDS: Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Columbus Ohio

Member: American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), American Dental Society of Anesthesiology