Dental Implants


* Increase chewing efficiency & functionality.
* Improve comfort.
* Prevent bone loss.
* Restore facial appearance.

There are lots of reasons why dental implants are the preferred (and most natural) approach to replacing missing teeth.

There are also lots and lots (and lots) of reasons why Advance Dentistry has become Ohio’s go-to source for implant expertise.

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Ohio’s “Go-To” Dental Implant Experts

* The highest level of accreditation.
* Thousands of implant surgeries.
* More than 35 years of implant experience.

& Over those 35+ years…

The Advance Dentistry team has established itself as a consistent & noted leader, attaining a rare level of expertise in the field of implant dentistry.

& Speaking of expertise…

Dr. Sayre is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry — a designation reflecting the very highest level of competence and proficiency in implant dentistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do Dental Implants Work?


Dental implants look and function just like natural teeth.

The implant process places a titanium post (which is constructed to be compatible with the human body) into the jaw.

That post then serves as an anchor for one or more replacement teeth.  Those replacement devices — crowns, bridges, or dentures — will function just like the missing teeth and blend seamlessly into your smile.

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What Is The PROCESS Like?


The implant process begins with an evaluation.  During this phase, we focus on ensuring that your case is a good fit for the dental implant procedure.

At Advance Dentistry, we don’t rely solely on the traditional x-rays that guide most offices.  We also incorporate the use of three-dimensional CT scans.  These scans — which determine the exact amount of bone available for implants — help eliminate guess work and make the implant process a more exact science.

Your doctor will sit down with you to discuss the various options available.  You’ll work together to determine the option that works best for you.  We will then schedule the surgery procedure to place the implants.

The duration of the actual procedure depends on how many implants will be placed.  A single implant may only take an hour; multiple implants can take a few hours.

Throughout your procedure, our experienced and caring team will use I.V. sedation to make sure that you are completely comfortable.

With an amassed 55+ years of experience with sedation dentistry, the Advance Dentistry team is an acknowledged authority within our region and one of the leading providers of I.V. sedation treatment in the country.

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After your implant has healed, we will create your new prosthetic teeth and affix them to the posts.

There are a number of factors to consider, but the whole process can require a few months to complete.  The benefits, however…?

Those last a lifetime.

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Your entire procedure can be completed at one location by one team.

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"I am very happy with my new implant. I am very, very happy with my dental work. I am absolutely sure that the treatment I have received has helped to improve my overall health. The dentists and technicians who have taken care of me have been...

- Thomas W.

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