Patient Safety

Even under normal circumstances, Advance Dentistry maintains the highest standard of infection-control protocols using the latest OSHA guidelines, as well as the recommendations of both the Ohio State Dental Board and the American Dental Association.

& In response to the coronavirus crisis,
we are also implementing COVID-19 infection-control measures recommended by the ADA and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Here are some of the steps that we’re taking to provide patients with the most supportive, productive, positive, and safe experience possible.

    • In order to keep the number of individuals in our facilities as low as possible, we are reserving the lobby/ waiting area for PATIENTS ONLY at this time.
      • All accompanying individuals — rides, etc. — should remain in their vehicles while waiting.
    • We’re asking all patients to maintain social distancing while in our lobby/ waiting areas.
      • Please be mindful when selecting your seat and maintain at least 6 feet of space  between you and other patients.
    • We truly appreciate your assistance with these steps.
patient safety social distancing in lobby and waiting areas
    • Our team is currently gathering multiple pieces of Covid-related information prior to scheduling patients for their respective appointments. We’re inquiring into risk factors such as:
      • recent travel
      • the presence of any coronavirus-related symptoms
        • (i.e. fever, coughing, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell, etc.)
      • contact with any individuals with a confirmed case of Covid-19.
patient safety taking temperatures
    • We are continuing to take the temperatures of patients and staff members upon entering our offices.
      • Anyone with an elevated temperature is:
        • advised to contact their primary care physician immediately,
        • asked to leave the premises,
        • contacted to reschedule their dental appointment for another date at an appropriate point in the future.
patient safety proper PPE face shield and N95 masks
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    • Depending upon the procedure/ treatment provided/ task,
      all forms of appropriate PPE will be provided to staff, including:
      • face shields (aka “shield masks”)
      • appropriate level of masks
        • N95/KN95 ; etc.
      • surgical-grade lab coats
      • gloves
patient safety proper PPE gloves
    • As a healthcare provider, we already maintain extremely strict protocols for the cleaning and disinfection of all operatory rooms and clinical spaces.
      • Our team’s focus remains on adhering to these protocols and ensuring a safe, hygienic, and clinical environment within the operatories.
    • We have also increased the frequency of disinfection-measures in our public spaces and common “touch points.”
      • i.e. doorknobs, counters, restrooms, etc.
    • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer can be found throughout the office.
      • We encourage patients to remain proactive with their own personal hygiene (e.g. frequent & thorough hand washing, appropriate sneeze protocol) during this time — in our office and beyond.
patient safety cleaning and disinfecting operatory


If you have any questions at all, give us a call at 513-272-9009.
We are here to be of help, service, & support to you.

coronavirus patient safety measures and precautions