Our Doctors

Scott Sayre, D.D.S.

Advance Dentistry doctor Dr Sayre“I have been practicing dentistry for over 40 years. In that time, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my patients, their fears, and their treatment.

Patients often come to our office feeling anxious — as if there’s absolutely no possibility of ever having a comfortable dental experience.

But with our patient-focused philosophy (and the most advanced techniques & technology available), the Advance Dentistry team is able to remove our patients’ fears and provide gentle, advanced dentistry that they can count on.

Why? So their teeth can cease to be a problem in their lives.

That’s why I became a dentist: to not only give people smiles they can be proud of, but (more importantly) help each individual feel a greater sense of satisfaction with themselves.
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Rebecca Donaldson, D.M.D.

Advance Dentistry doctor Dr Donaldson“I decided to become a dentist when, at age 13, my parents took me to the orthodontist. I was fascinated by the way my teeth were becoming straighter and straighter.

I thought it would be wonderful if I could change someone’s life by changing their smile — just as my dentist had done for me.”

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Patricia Hannahan, D.D.S.

Advance Dentistry doctor Dr Hannahan“I grew up in Cincinnati, went to high school at St. Ursula Academy, and then set off to the big city of Chicago to attend Loyola University.

It was there that I settled on my decision to practice dentistry.

I was attracted to many aspects of dentistry: the artistry, the ability to work with my hands, and (most importantly) the opportunity to help people on a very personal level.”
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Drew Meyers, D.M.D.

Advance Dentistry doctor Dr Meyers“My path to a career in dentistry is non-traditional.

I graduated from college wanting to pursue a career in teaching and coaching. Subsequently, I spent the next six years teaching and coaching at the collegiate level. However, I always had an interest in healthcare, working with my hands, and helping people.

So… I made a career change in my late twenties. I spent the next four years in dental school at the University of Louisville…”
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Sara White, D.D.S.

Advance Dentistry doctor Dr White“I’ve always enjoyed getting to know people and working with my hands. I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a dentist.

During college at DePauw University, I ran cross country, cycled, and majored in biochemistry. I also became an EMT and worked part-time for an orthodontist, both of which reinforced my passion to help others by becoming a dentist.”
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Elizabeth Goebel, D.M.D.

Advance Dentistry doctor Dr Goebel“… But what I loved most was the healing that I could bring.

Whether it’s addressing something as simple as a cavity, alleviating someone’s pain by delivering more in-depth treatment, or helping to heal the hurt a patient has endured from a previous dental experience… I do this everyday because of the people that I can help.”
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Jordan Mayberry, D.D.S.

Advance Dentistry doctor photo - Dr. MayberryMy favorite thing about being a dentist, honestly, is just helping people. I truly do have a passion for looking out for people’s health and wellbeing.” 

As we bring our #NoFearDentist approach to more patients throughout the Tri-State, we’re honored to have Dr. Mayberry join the Advance Dentistry team. He’s truly thrilled to share his clinical expertise (along with the aforementioned genuine, empathetic, & patient-focused approach to oral health 😉 ) with the folks of the West Chester community. 

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