Our Advance Dentistry team is growing and we’re looking for some stellar general dentistry ASSOCIATE DOCTORS to bring into the family.


The Particulars:

  • Well-balanced work-experience
    • 4-day workweeks
    • Well-trained clinical teams and administrative departments
    • Full schedules (via dedicated Call Center)


  • Strong support systems
    • Onboarding & immersion program
    • Continued education/ training support


  • Clear vision
    • Well-defined mission, philosophy, & core values
    • Robust operational systems tailored to create, achieve, and maintain a positive and constructive office culture


What we are looking for:

Our ideal candidate is:

Trained, certified, and experienced in administering IV SEDATION dentistry.


  • We are, however, looking for the best team members out there.


  • If a candidate demonstrates a truly exceptional mix of skill, drive, and talent, we are certainly open to speaking with a potential associate who does not yet possess the aforementioned IV-sedation experience.


  • Located in (or willing to relocate to) the Cincinnati area.


About Our Workflow:

  • Well-calibrated operational approach
  • Patient-centered philosophy
  • Balanced workflow
  • Better work-experience


Our approach to “practice life” is built upon three things:

  • Robust office-management SYSTEMS
  • An engaged, productive, positive, and healthy office CULTURE
  • An exceptional TEAM of engaged & highly trained professionals


About the Organization:

Our team is committed to providing a comfortable, supportive, no-fear dental experience to patients who, for any number of reasons – fear, time, etc. – have kept themselves from the oral health and overall wellness that they deserve.


About our Offices:

All Advance Dentistry locations offer a full suite of clinical competencies.


We perform procedures that span many cosmetic & restorative dentistry sub-specialties — IV sedation, implant placement, endodontics, and Invisalign, just to name a few.


To help facilitate this broad scope of treatment offerings, we utilize the best technology that the dental field has to offer. Integrating cutting-edge techniques and tools (e.g. the X-Nav X-Guide® implant placement system, 3D intraoral scanners, and the Sonendo GentleWave® root canal system) allows us to address patients’ dental needs more efficiently and effectively.


If you are looking for:

If you’re looking for…


  • a well-calibrated clinical environment where you can learn, grow, and deliver your best dentistry
  • a patient-centered office that’s focused on delivering superlative dental care
  • a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity with a phenomenal team, great culture, and an exceptional compensation package


…then we’d love to talk to you!






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