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“My entire visit was great. Before sedation dentistry I dreaded going to the dentist, but just knowing that sedation is an option, takes away all the fear and dread. You guys rock!”
– Sheila S. from Cincinnati, Ohio

IV Sedation Eliminate Your Fears

FREE First Visit

“As in… ‘Free?'”

Absolutely.  At Advance Dentistry, we want your experience to be as positive, productive, and hassle-free as possible.

We also want you to be able to use your dental benefits on your treatment… not on your initial examination.  That’s why we offer complimentary exams and x-rays to all new patients.

Goodbye, hassle.

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If you are having a dental emergency or pain,

we urge you to seek treatment at a dental office -- rather than the ER.

… Little (or no) memory of the procedure?

This will help alleviate the extra pressure that dental emergencies place on hospital emergency departments.

We are open & here to help.

To find a dentist near you, visit https://oda.org/find-a-dentist/.

Dr. Sayre to chair this year's upcoming USO Tribute Cincinnati 2017 event at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse,
Sep 3, 2017.

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& Payments

“Do you accept my insurance?”

Great question.

We accept almost all major dental insurance plans. Our staff gladly processes insurance claims and, as a convenience to you, will verify your benefits.

Once you’ve had your initial exam, our team of treatment/financial coordinators will explain your dental benefits and assist you in planning your dental treatment.

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* We are not a Medicaid provider.

There’s Another Way

Can’t imagine not being afraid of the dentist?
We get it.



I.V. Sedation

Don’t let your fear of the dentist keep you from having a healthy, beautiful smile.

Discover our soothing, comfortable approach to dental care today.

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Conveniently Located

Our three Cincinnati-area offices are easily accessible from most locations throughout the Tri-State.

  • WEST CHESTER office

The Advance Dentistry team of experienced, compassionate professionals is ready to welcome you to the dental experience you’ve been looking for.

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“We provide our patients with a comfortable dental experience, so they can enjoy a smile they never thought possible.”

– Dr. Scott Sayre

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Everything You Want To Know

  • The first visit… It’s FREE?
  • What is I.V. sedation all about?
  • Will I remember anything?
  • Do I need someone to drive me home?
  • How many visits will my treatment take?

Frequently Asked Questions

“It is our mission to provide the highest level of care possible, backed by a gentle touch and the understanding that can only come from years of experience working with fearful patients.”

– Dr. Scott Sayre