Advance Dentistry Reviews

Great Job! Yesterday I had ten years of dental work done at one sitting. I had teeth extracted, cavities filled and crowns prepped. It has been 24 hrs. Since my procedure and I feel great. There had to be some pretty skillful work on the doctor’s part to leave me feeling so little discomfort after all the work I had done. The staff was also very professional and very nice to work with. I am beyond impressed. Thanks for all your great work!

After not having been to the dentist for over 5 years, I was embarrassed and anxious about visiting the dentist. The staff was wonderful! You all really keep your promises. I have found MY dentist! Thanks!

I am always happy to go in knowing that every visit will be a good experience. They consistently provide high quality service and are genuinely interested in my well being.

The IV sedation worked great. I felt like I was on Cloud 9! I rested the entire day after my visit. No Problems!

The entire Advance Dentistry team was incredibly kind, efficient and professional. The staff really takes the time to get to know their patients and they go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their patients know what’s going on with their teeth at every step in the process. I was very comfy during my routine x-rays, cleaning, etc. I also appreciated Dr. Hannahan’s candor regarding two small pits in my lower back molars that would benefit from being sealed. She suggested that I get them sealed to prevent cavities, but never pushed me to get the service. I went ahead with the sealing that day. It’s nice to find a dentist that one can trust and have full confidence in these days. The whole Advance Dentistry team was truly second-to-none. Alice gave me the best cleaning I’ve ever had from a dental hygienist, and I felt relaxed the entire time too. I highly recommend Advance Dentistry.

OK. Can you love your dentist? I love this office. Of the many cities I have lived in, and dentists I have had (and I have no complaints about them) the customer service, friendly atmosphere, professionalism, ranks far superior here. To their high quality equipment and just being tech savvy, as in, reminder texts and emails. And just plain old, being nice. I rarely take the time to review, but sometimes you should give credit where credit is due.

I recently began going to Advance Dentistry on Wooster Pike and I have to say I am more than pleased with my experience thus far. The staff is so welcoming and they really know how to make you feel comfortable. I have been putting off years of dentistry and I was able to do the majority of it in one day! I will not go anywhere else!

Advance Dentistry is great. They really do make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr D is the best!


Great experience & The Whole Staff are VERY Friendly & helpful. I couldn’t ask for Better Service…THANK YOU ALL

Everyone is very friendly and professional. I am very happy that I saw youradvertisement in the paper and on TV. I have referred at least two of my co workers to your practice.